Podiatrist shoes for children


They are significant differences in footwear recommendations posed by American Board of Pediatrics vs European Ministry of Health.

American Board of Pediatrics Recommends:

  • Barefoot or soft sole shoes
  • Low quality none orthopedic footwear imported from low cost production countries is allowed
  • Foot develops naturally with no restrictions nor support
  • Shoes does not play any role in child’s foot and posture development
  • Once child’s feet become deformed (pronation or pigeon toes) expensive custom orthodics are made (average cost $800 and up)
  • Pigeon toes ankle pronation and posture problems are effects of wearing non-supportive shoes as a child (watch the video)
  • Orthodics or foot surgery in adulthood is performed to relive the pain and discomfort
  • As an adult person with deformed feet will always experience knee and back pain, deformed feet, posture problems
  • Medicine in USA if for profit, so more kids and adults with deformed feet, more profit for medical practice

European Ministry of Health Recommends:

  • Barefoot in protected environment (beach or sand)
  • Supportive slippers or leather shoes (proper heel support, orthopedic arch support, flexible rubber soles) 
  • Foot develops due to formation and type of shoes child wears (watch the video)
  • Shoes form and shape kids feet and posture so quality, supportive shoes are recommended to wear at all times
  • High quality, durable orthopedic footwear, produced locally in Europe out of best quality materials
  • Viewed as body developmental tool that would affect child’s feet, posture, knees, back/spine through entire adult life
  • Quality orthopedic shoes prevent a need for any uncomfortable orthodics or surgeries person might need in a future
  • Medicine in Europe is not for profit so less kids and adults with deformed feet, cheaper for the country
  • The statistics between those two recommendations differ greatly since in Europe number of children with deformed feet is basically none existent. Children wear only quality, leather supportive shoes at all times and their feet and posture is perfectly formed. There is simply no need for orthodics or surgeries since quality shoes act as developmental and preventive tool.

Protect your children feet and posture from an yearly age!

In USA majority of children display various feet deformities since local shoes allowed for sale in department stores are low quality and not supportive nor orthopedic. There is no quality control since majority of shoes are produced in low cost production countries out of low quality materials. Overt the course of wearing such low quality shoes they DEFORM youngster’s foot showing either ankle pronation, pigeon toes, or flat feet. Parents are suddenly surprised that their child had normal walk as a baby and suddenly there is a problem.

It is the shoes, low quality shoes with no support that destroying your kids feet, nothing else. We Europeans know that child needs qood shoes on their feet at all times since it is told by our pediatricians and foot doctors. Possible orthopedic problems are avoided and prevented at all cost at yearly age and we do that will those quality shoes. Shoes in Europe for kids are viewed as developmental need not a fashion statement.

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