Dynamics of best baby shoes

General requirements of best anatomic baby shoe´╗┐

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  • Light weight shoes, to aid in better walking.
  • Flexible, particularly at the tip, when children curl their toes as they walk.
  • A flat sole, with very little heel, to favour equilibrium and safeguard the legs and back.
  • A broad last to prevent against compressing the foot and squashing the toes. The child should not be able to wriggle his or her heel around inside, because the shoe could come off or it could cause painful blisters on the feet.
  • Zips, velcro, laces or a mixture of these guarantee perfect closure.
  • Natural materials, best leather both on the outside and the inside of the shoe.
  • The inside of the shoe should not have uncomfortable protruding stitches.
  • Anti-slip sole to prevent against dangerous falls and to provide grip when children are walking well.
  • We recommend best shoes with anatomic soles for a child with any type of foot, wide, double wide, narrow, regural width.

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