Baby first leather shoes

natural shoes baby deer wide supportiv anti slip

Baby first leather shoes should be soft, flexible with good orthopedic arch support and supportive heel (sturdy back so heel stays in the packet once child walking, running, turning). In terms of the inside, it must be free of bothersome stitches that could damage a baby’s sensitive skin.

Kids’ feet grow every 4-5 months so there have to 1/2 inch of growing room left, so they last entire season. 2 pairs of good supportive shoes for a child is enough so you can rotate them. It is important to change children’s shoes when they get too small.

When children start to crawl and take their first steps, shoes should be wide at the front to adapt to the shape of the foot and let the toes move freely. The sole should be anti-slip to prevent against falls, and relatively thin so the toddler can perceive irregularities of the ground or temperature because, even when they are beginning to walk, children continue to use their toes as a tactile organ of contact with the ground. Also, toddlers’ shoes should be lightweight and porous to guarantee proper perspiration. European shoes feature breathable leather innersoles so feet never sweat in them.

By the time they are walking well, a child needs a shoe that is well-ventilated, with a thick, anti-slip sole and moderate weight. A flexible shoe resistant to knocks that allows him or her to run around freely. We recommend natural materials on the outside and for the lining, as well as stiffeners to provide stability and firmness to feet that are always on the go.

  • Check the shoes are done up properly (laces, buckles, velcro straps, etc.)
  • Shoes should not be more than one size bigger than the real size of the foot, and should be the right width.
  • Change socks every day.
  • Children feet sweat double then adults so air the shoe during use whenever possible. In cases of considerable perspiration, alternate between two different pairs of shoes. All European shoes feature breathable leather innersoles that prevent wet feet and perspiration.
  • Don’t reuse old shoes on another child, why? Shoes confirm to ones foot and by passing the shoes you passing a condition to another child and in the process deforming his/hers foot.
  • If the shoe gets wet, let it dry out at room temperature. Do not use quick-drying systems (dryer), as excessive or extreme temperatures are harmful and will cause considerable deterioration to the shoe.
  • Store in a cool, dry place that is not too hot or humid.

Baby first leather shoes new walkers

Baby Deer new walkers, natural shoes,
Baby girl start up walkers with stable heel for walking

We recommend best start up walkers for kids made with best leather with soft soles, great arch support, stable heel (ankle support), rubber soles with great traction for walking. Best shoes come from Spain, Italy, Serbia, Germany, Holland, Poland, France. Your child will be comfortable, happy and walk with comfort. At the same time those shoes will properly shape and mold your baby’s feet.

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