Ankle high top sandals for kids

High top closed back toddler sandals with arches

Ankle high top sandals for kids, ankle covering sandals for kids are simply the best for small developing and growing feet. They made out of quality leather, feature orthopedic arch, breathable leather innersoles (no smelly feet), flexible sole and most importantly reinforced leather heel that keeps little heel in a pocket. They close with double or triple velcros or sometimes buckles. Best stable walkers for children of all ages.

Closed back sandals no smelly feet

Your child will be ultra comfortable in those sandals as they never sweat due to breathable leather innersoles that are always present in any style. They could be easily worn in over 100 degree weather and you can rest assured that your child’s feet will not sweat in them nor they create any blisters. Total comfort and support all the way!

Reinforced leather heel

European high top sandals are the only kind that feature reinforced leather heel to prevent lopsided heel (ankles collapsing in kids). It is a standard in any European made shoes.

Sandals recommended by every pediatrician

Closed toe, closed back high top sandals for kids

Closed back sandals are recommended by every pediatrician in Europe as a start up walkers up to age 2 years old. (size 26/US 9). However, high top sandals are offered for children as old as 8 years old if they display any pronation problems.

Fix feet problems with high top sandals

European closed back, high top sandals are the best tool to fix:

  • ankle pronation
  • tip toeing
  • pigeon toes
  • body gait problems
  • stable new walkers for babies and toddlers
  • best foot development sandals that you can buy for child

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