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This blog is about us and it is dedicated as a guide for all parents who search for information about children shoes and how important they are for proper feet and posture development. The information is from European Pediatric Ministry of Health and their recommendations of footwear that all children should wear.

It is a known fact that children growing up in Europe do not display any feet deformities simply because the shoes they wear provide optimal orthopedic support and cure various feet conditions. Children feet are growing and forming and quality shoes are essential for proper and healthy foot development. European pediatricians and orthopedic doctors highly recommend European made leather shoes since they are simply the best for growing and forming feet. Shoes for children are considered as “developmental need” then fashion statement therefore they are manufactured in Europe out of quality leathers, feature orthopedic support (arch), have a supportive heel, breathable leather innersoles, and soft rubber soles.

Save your kids feet!

Unfortunately, shoes sold in USA are manufactured in low cost production countries and they are produced out of low quality materials with no orthopedic support of any kind. Over time they will deform and destroy child’s foot and ankle pronation, pigeon toe, flat feet will develop. Parents do not realize that those low quality shoes literally deform kids feet and destroy entire body gait.  Adult with deformed feet will experience pain in feet, back and knees their entire life. Later, orthopedic doctors visits are needed and expensive custom orthodics made to relive the pain only. Unfortunately, orthodics will make some improvement but they will NEVER restore foot to original condition. Therefore we recommend to buy only quality shoes for your child to avoid any orthopedic problems.

Being European origin ourselves we saw a need for genuine orthopedic shoes in USA and we been importing and selling European shoes for over 17 years. We are experts in orthopedic and professional shoe fitting for kids. We also run successful chain of orthopedic shoe stores in USA.